Presentation of Quebec City Ballet

Quebec City Ballet (Le Ballet du Québec) was unveiled in 2005 following a reorganization of Compagnie Christiane Bélanger, itself founded in 2001, in order to bring together the necessary resources for the development of the practice, creation and dissemination of classical ballet works of professional caliber in Quebec City. Although still young, Quebec City Ballet gradually establishes its reputation on the dance scene in Quebec City and Province, Canada and internationally.

The work of Quebec City Ballet is an association between the classical technique and a contemporary spirit, which is very well suited very well to revaluating classic tales. These ancients texts, passed across centuries, are intended for both adults – through their amazing philosophical, psychological and social actuality – as children, through the wonderful and magical fantasy they evoke. Offered in the form of ballet, these fairy tales bring young and old together, while bridging the gap between past experience and the promises of the future, widening the horizons of current reality.

Spirit in Motion

The motto of the coat of arms of Quebec City Ballet is Spiritus in motu, Latin for « Spirit in Motion ». This motto was chosen to express the idea that every human act or gesture has, in order to make sense, to reflect the movement of the soul itself; it is a call to integrity, unity of body and mind, thought and action; it’s also a call to realize your dreams, to get your ideas into action.

For Christiane Bélanger, founder, artistic director and lead choreographer, Quebec City Ballet is the realization of a dream she cherishes long. To her, who founded a dance school now well established in Quebec, giving Quebec City its own professional ballet company is more than desire : it is an emergency.

The existence of recognized ballet companies is imperative for the effective practice of classical ballet in a professional context. Quebec City Ballet is part of the efforts of all artisans of classical dance in the hope of paving the way to allow the ballet to fully emancipate itself in Quebec.